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Orange Thunder V.3

The Blue Thunder is the newest electric scooter from Thunder. The Thunder brand is worldwide known for it's high quality and smart EV's.

Blue Thunder V.3

The best scoother you'll ever try!

Orange Thunder

Latest highlights

Travel without boundaries

How does the airbag work?

1 step introduction ?


Latest videos

Who we are and why we care


Latest collections

Rocket break trusters

Use the break trusters when you need a bit more help to stop.

Shifts switch protection and fuse

When the current is too high, the fuse will pop up, you only need to press it down, the scooter

How to use the charger

Instructions on how to use the charger are described in this section

When traveling

Simply and quickly fold the Thunder in 1 min ⚡️

Quick assembly

Assemble your Thunder Scooter quickly and without tools.